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Town Radio Beausejour – What is it?

Town Radio Beausejour is a different kind of radio station. Created to serve the Town of Beausejour and surrounding area, Town Radio Beausejour will focus on covering local events and organizations and will give voice to people who live, work and play in the Beausejour area.

What will we hear on Town Radio Beausejour?

You’ll mainly hear music from a mix of musical genres. You’ll also hear a lot of information about local special events and organizations. Our main purpose is to enrich our community by covering local events and organizations.

Is this another commercial radio station, that plays the same old songs over and over?

Quite the opposite!  We are a sponsor based special event station.  Instead of hearing the same old songs over and over, special attention will be given to local music, new music, and music not typically heard on the radio.  We’ll play a few ‘hits’ too, just to mix it up. We do not have a commercial radio mentality like radio stations you might have heard in Winnipeg.

Does that mean no commercials?

You won’t hear a standard commercial message like you’ve probably heard on radio stations in Winnipeg, but you will hear messages from sponsors who make it possible for Town Radio Beausejour to bring you locally produced content.  So instead of hearing a whole bunch of those over produced, and far too loud commercials, look forward to hearing a few soft spoken sponsor messages.