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Sponsor Info

Town Radio Beausejour is a non commercial station. Eastman Media operates it as a public service to the Beausejour community because we think the Beausejour area should have it’s own station that is available to the public for community announcements and to play local artists too and for whatever else the local people want to get together and help create.

Revenue to stay in the black is harder if you aren’t running commercials. We’re always looking for a little help here. Individuals and business can donate any amount they choose towards the operation of Town Radio Beausejour.

We can also air sponsorship messages for a business who donates. It’s sort of like a commercial, but with less of that noisy quality everyone hates anyway. While we can’t mention discounts and special offers, we can certainly mention the services you offer, and your location and contact information. We have packages available that start at $80. You can sponsor a specific show, or just pick the hours during the day you’d like your message aired. If your business would like to sponsor Town Radio Beausejour, please call 268-0516.

We can always be reached by emailing info at Or call Lane’s cell at 204-268-0516.