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One Month Later …

We’ve been on air for a month. It seems like six!  I’m still working on little nips and tucks to have it all run smoothly, and that’s coming along nicely.  The next little while will have me working out insulating and finishing off the studio trailer.  I’m looking at ways to increase my antenna height, which will increase my range. I’d like to be able to reach Garson well.  And of course, securing sponsorships is pretty important so my creditors can be paid and the station can grow.

We added an Old Time Radio show on Sunday evening. I used to love the old radio shows that I would hear replayed on AM station when I was young.  We’ve stared off with the Mercury Theatre On The Air shows that feature a very young Orson Welles.  I’m looking at expanding the Old Time Radio show to two hours with other shows following the Mercury Theatre ones, so be sure to tune in to find out what we can dig up and air.