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Expired CDs!

OK, they didn’t really expire. We just said that on our April 1st news broadcast where we advised you could recycle them with CKBJ-FM. CDs made before 1990 will all still work of course. But the advice remains the same!

It’s quite possible you have a lot of CDs you never play hanging around. You can give them new life by donating them to Town Radio Beausejour, CKBJ-FM. Music can get expensive over here, and anything you donated would be received with appreciation. And the bonus is, we’ll be playing music you actually like. It used to be *your* music after all.

If you’d like to donate some CDs, call our answering machine at 204-268-3956 and leave a message on how to pick them up or to contact you. Or you can email info at (replace the at with the @ of course).