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bomb threat rant

You want to know what sucks? Receiving a bomb threat to your school, and having to enact emergency measures to evacuate everyone.  You want to know what sucks even more? This happening again. And what do you think might suck even more than that? I think you know where I’m going with this. Less than a week later it’s happened a third time. Someone has yet again given a bomb threat to Edward Schreyer School.

So what happens?  All the kids are loaded into buses. And they’re stuck there for hours until it’s time for them to go home. Parents can come to the Sun Gro Centre to sign out their child and take them home.  There’s one problem with this. Parents aren’t easily notified this is even happening. It takes time.

So I thought to myself. Hey, I happen to be running a radio station. I’m going to try and spread the word. So parents, or grandparents or even friends of parents of children attending Edward Schreyer School, let them know they can go to the Sun Gro Centre to sign out their children and take them home. You have to go right inside to sign them out, and they’ll radio the buses to release them.

With that out of the way, I have something to say about the person sending in the bomb threats.

Grow up!

I can’t fathom how you gain from doing this. If you want out of school early on a Friday, there are better ways to get what you want that do not impact the entire student body and their families.  Think for a moment what you’re doing.  Let’s put aside the fact you’re scaring the willies out of everyone. There are special needs kids in that school who may not comprehend what is happening, and who may be impacted by a disruption in their routine and difficulty in assisting them through this.  There may be special events planned in a classroom that won’t happen now, because during that time, the students were sitting on a bus.  Parents and guardians are impacted because they have to take time off work to pick up their child rather than see them sit on a stuffy bus for hours.  And do you think it’s fun to sit on a stuffy bus for hours? The lucky ones get to leave, the less lucky ones are not having fun. It’s cold today. There was no time to dress for the weather. I repeat. It’s not fun sitting on the bus. I can’t begin imagine what the school staff are going through to evacuate everyone safely and in an orderly fashion. Actually, I do have some idea, since it took a half hour to sign out and have my own child released. It’s controlled chaos at the sun gro as I write this.

And then there’s the fact you’re scaring the willies out of half the town.  This kind of act takes a very small number of brain cells. It demonstrates a level of immaturity that puts you in the baby bottle and soother club. I know your friends know what you did. People like you need to brag. I’m aiming this plea directly at them. Dear friends of this immature troublemaker, rat this person out. We’ve all had enough!

And I’d like to have a round of applause to the staff at Edward Schreyer School who are rising above and beyond the call of duty to manage something that is very difficult to manage. They’re doing a terrific job. Our kids are in great hands. When you see them, thank them.