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get by with a little help from your friends …

Town Radio Beausejour is coming up on a year old. We launched during Shades of the Past last year, and I guess I’m thinking of that day as our anniversary. We’ll be on hand during the Shades of the Past to chat with folks. Feel free to stop by our trailer beside the Town Office.

We hope to be able to continue with Town Radio long into the future. To do that, we’re probably going to need a little help from our friends. You might notice a “Friends” page along the top of this site. Folks interested in joining together to help shape what Town Radio becomes are invited to read that page, and join this committee. The role of this committee is to discuss and plan fund raising opportunities, and to help shape the programming heard on CKBJ-FM, in Beausejour, Manitoba.

We want to keep providing non-commercial, community based programming to Beausejour. Come and help us do that!